Thursday 1 November 2012

Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower ” is exactly what GITIC has been teaching us. GITIC - One of the 1st Incubators in Goa is a Govt. funded project initiated by the GCCI. We KAAVAY, the young and innovative minds full of brand new ideas are being polished, synchronized, mentored and "commercialized" at the Goa IT Innovation Center, and are motivated to think ambitious enough, to dream big and become a success story.


We wish to express our sincere gratitude to GITIC and truly appreciate its professionalism and dedication, for all the facilities that are being provided to us. It has given KAAVAY tremendous Mentoring support, as well as many personal real-life experiences shared by the mentors. Their experience in the Industry has helped us avoid mistakes we could have committed, by making us aware of the possible results, so that we could work accordingly. GITIC has given us a lot of exposure to the Industry players of Goa. The mentors at GITIC have provided us with all the confidence and the motivation required to be able to stand along with the best in the market. KAAVAY has achieved a lot of networking through the GCCI brand, being one of the most recognized entities of the Government of Goa. Through course of time GITIC has conducted many programs which gave us tips on enhancing our marketing skills, stress management as well as project management techniques. Besides they have also guided us with excellent access to the Loan Schemes, Investors, etc. GITIC currently has a capacity of 48 which is almost full, and hence is looking forward to expanding due to the tremendous response from the people of Goa.
We would never have such an enriching experience without the openhanded and constant support of GITIC. Special thanks to Mr. Manguirish Pai Raiker - President of GCCI for heading such a brilliant Initiative, Mr. Sanjiv Nadkarni our Mentor who has always been there to assist us differentiate between the right and wrong, Mr. Ashton Souza for his 24*7 help to us, Mr. Nigel Cabral for his great insights and making us realize how important it is to stay focused on any job. Besides we would like to dedicate our gratitude to Mr. Girish Bharne and Mr. Gautam Verlekar who are willing to offer their help to us whenever required.
We believe other participating companies such as Genora Infotech, Glady Animation, Presentsoft Technologies, NLF Enterprise, Blits Goa, Goa Medical Travels will assuredly agree with our view of GITIC. Just a few days back (Sept 24th) GITIC celebrated its 1st anniversary" and hope it continues to live long doing the good work it has been doing from day 1- Building Successful Businessmen. Besides it is responsible for generating many Job Opportunities in and around Goa in such a short time and surely has all the capability of becoming the best Incubator in India. As KAAVAY sets its foot forward into the business world more confidently we wish GITIC great success in nurturing many more businesses like ourselves.